Discover our brand new E-Volt model of only 1990 lbs!

Our 3rd generation of renewable energy and 100% autonomous recreational vehicles.

Its 4 100 watt solar panels, its 3000 watt inverter and its powerful 250 amp lithium battery will allow you to convert your 12 volt energy into electrical power and will operate all your household appliances.

Its toilet-shower area as well as its 15-gallon clear, gray and black water tanks will give you all the independence you want.

It can be towed by most SUVs and vans. She sleeps 3 people. Its huge 72 x 74 sofa-bed will please the older ones, as well as its dining area which turns into a 74 x 44 bed in the evening.

It comes by default with its powerful battery, its solar panels, its 3000 watt inverter and its 100 amp charger, but it also offers an integrated electric heater, an electric induction hob, a 3.2 cubic foot electric refrigerator 110 volts, an 8-foot boxed awning and 6 tempered glass windows offering you a magnificent luminosity, as well as several other inclusions unique to Prolite products, such as: alloy wheels, variable speed fan, real wood furniture, lights LEDs, and more.

Vehicle on order.
  • Longeur : 16'9''
  • Poids : 1990 Lb
  • Couche : 3 personnes