RV Insurance Claims

Claim process for your RV

Did you know that you can make an insurance claim following a visit to our workshop? Our professionals at E. Boudreault VR offer you some useful advice as well as the steps to follow in order to file a claim.


Contact us

Contact us , then bring your recreational vehicle to our workshop.

Contact your insurance company

Contact your Insurer and tell them that your unit has been sent to our workshop.

Damage estimate

We will do a detailed report with the estimator that your insurance Cie has chosen & we’ll send your insurance quote to the person in charge of your file

Partial repair

In some cases, we will carry out a partial repair in order to avoid further damage.


Once the estimate has been approved by the insurer, we will proceed to order parts, if necessary.

Appointment booking

Upon receipt of the parts, we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

RV repair

Our technician will begin the work on your RV.

RV's evaluation

We will do a complete evaluation of your RV to make sure of the quality of our work.