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Here is the most popular model in its class, the MINI weighing 1150 pounds, it is specially designed for compact cars with a towing capacity of 1500 pounds and more.

This trailer can easily accommodate 4 people, it has a sofa bed of 74”x54”, its table independent of the bed which can also be transformed into a berth of 74”x48”. It has everything you need for your comfort; heating, refrigerator, stove, etc.

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Disponible dans notre inventaire :

Référence : 22-01

#NIV: 2L9VF41C1PJ110097

  • Base
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Référence : 22-15

#NIV: 2L9VF41C5PJ110118

  • Cabinet above the counter
  • 10” electric brakes
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Référence : 23-40

Awaiting design

  • Two additional stabilizing legs
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Référence : 23-52

Awaiting design

  • Two additional stabilizing legs.
  • 10” brakes
  • Front window
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  • Longeur : 14'
  • Poids : 1150 Lb
  • Couche : 4 personnes

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