Truck Camper 10-2 EX Dry Bath LE

The 10-2 EX series includes a full 14″ basement with heated and closed tanks. It offers a queen size bed 60×80. The 10-2 EX CD Dry Bath offers our new RD fiberglass dry bath with molded 100 watt solar panel and LED lighting. RV capacity for pickup trucks with a capacity equivalent to 3/4 ton or longer. Come see why we’ve been ranked among the top truck campers in North America for over 15 years.

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Référence : NL 2024-09


#Series: NL10-2EXCD213024LE


  • Black leatherette cushion
  • Grey wood interior
  • Thermal window
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  • Longeur : 14"
  • Poids : 3265 Lb
  • Couche : 2 personnes